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First Quarter Moon - Thursday 01st of June 2017
Waxing Gibbous - Saturday 03rd of June 2017
Full Moon - Friday 09th of June 2017
May 29 2017
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Moon Day 4

This is a contradictory day. In the Vedic and Avesta traditions, it is inauspicious and only good for conflict and getting rid of anything outmoded. Nothing should be started, especially if it is connected to any kind of material gain. In the European tradition this is a good day for beginnings, especially if you are searching for something lost. It is also lucky for any kind of business that deals with water.

Next Full Moon Date: Friday, June 9, 2017

Names Given to the Moon by Other Cultures:

  • Colonial American: Rose Moon
  • Chinese: Lotus Moon
  • American Indian (Cherokee): Green Corn Moon
  • American Indian (Choctaw): Windy Moon
  • American Indian (Dakotah Sioux): Moon When June Berries Are Ripe
  • Celtic: Moon of Horses
  • English Medieval: Dyan Moon
  • Neo Pagan: Planting Moon

Full Strawberry Moon (June)

The Algonquin tribes knew this Moon as a time to gather ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon and the Hot Moon.

This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!